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Contact Information

Here are the top custom diatonic harmonica craftsmen. Their harps are expensive, but worth it!  Joe and Richard make harps for many of the top pros, and have brought the overblow technique into more and more widespread use. For custom tunings, set-up, and repair, contact Here are the top repair persons for chromatic harmonicas: For titanium combs for Hohner MS harps, contact: For exotic hardwood covers for your Lee Oskar or Hohner MS diatonic, contact: For top-of-the-line silver plated stainless steel 12-hole chromatics called The Renaissance contact:

For a wide variety of custom chromatics including the CX-12 and several variants, as well as diatonics, particularly with special tunings, contact world-renowned player and builder:

For custom diatonics:

For custom modifications and enhancements to the Hohner CX-12, contact:

For  harmonic mics:


Hohner Harmonica Repair

     Customer Service Department Hohner, Inc.
     10223 Sycamore Drive
     Ashland, VA 23005
     (804) 550-2700