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The Diatonic Harp Reference

The Diatonic Harp Reference - Everything about the diatonic harmonica from beginner tips to advanced techniques, with music theory and sound clips (requires Real Audio), and lots of pictures and diagrams.  This one page includes everything shown below, so it takes a couple of minutes to load--but you only need to load the one page.

These links are the contents of the main Diatonic Harp Reference where each section is a separate page so they load much more quickly.

The best harmonica information resource anywhere is the Harp-L e-mail list, where some of the top harmonica authors, teachers, and players contribute daily.  To subscribe, send e-mail to:

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That's all there is to it! Expect about 30-40 messages per day.

The Harp-L archives contain a wealth of information about all things related to the harmonica.  If you've got a question on the harmonica, the answer is in the archives.

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